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Earth Favorer’s Profile

Earth Favorer was established in 2008. We are a group of nature lovers and certificated Eco-Tour Guides who are committed to natural environment protection and conservation. We received the professional training of Eco-Tour Guide from Sai Kung District Community Centre. It is our honor to become the recommended Geo-Tour guide for the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. We have provided Eco-Tour Guided services to Friends of the Earth (HK), different primary and secondary schools and many private institutions of Hong Kong. We have witnessed the establishment and gaining the global status of Hong Kong Geopark.

Our Mission

Earth Favorer is dedicated to –

l   promote the conservation of natural and cultural heritage by organizing experiential Eco learning tour and activities.

l   promote the awareness of ecological protection and responsibility to children, youth and the community through natural environmental education.

l   help the youth learn from the nature in order to cultivate positive self- concept and value to overcome challenges.

l   encourage our related industries such as education, social services, tourism, catering and transportation to enhance their services in Eco-tour and involve them to give concrete support to promote the natural environment conservation .

Geopark Opening Ceremony